About Us

Eons ago, at the beginning of our civilization, people used art as a tool for preserving and communicating their learning and heritage for the upcoming generations. Tribal art form has been the most primitive of these. Originating from caves and influenced by nature, the admirers are spread all across the globe. Its proximity with nature in various forms mixed with a spectacular combination of colors makes it a truly refreshing experience. Maquette San (Maquette - A sculptor's small preliminary model or sketch, San – bushman) truly believes in the core talent of artists whose work stays unnoticed and untapped. We believe in the preservation of our ancient tribal art forms with its uniqueness which happens to be the most cherished and sought after form of home decor. This art form not only soothes our minds, but also galvanizes our souls and purifies our minds. We integrate the ancient art forms and the modern era and link it up with Technological expertise and deliver what the customers desire. Having a team of eminent artists and technological experts, we not only understand your requirements, but design your products as per your wishes, making each and every product a unique one with its features and get it to your doorsteps. We believe in making relationships that last long rather than mere customers, and value each specific need of the individuals. Our experts spend time with our customers to understand their needs and prepare products according to their tastes and preferences. Our team members who are art experts, craft out the best possible to suit specific needs to our customers, and deliver the goods to them at their doorstep, making each experience, a satisfying and an unforgettable one.